What To Wear For Hiking

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What To Wear For HikingWhen you go hiking, you will need to wear the proper clothing. The proper clothing will depend on the weather conditions that you will be hiking in. If you are hiking in colder weather, you will need to wear more clothing. If you wear too much clothing in warmer weather you will be sweating like crazy because you generate heat as you are hiking. In either conditions you should wear clothing that wicks away moisture from your skin. If you are hiking in rainy weather, you should wear rain clothing to prevent the rain from getting you wet. Now lets get into the specifics of what to wear for hiking.

Dress In Layers

It is always important to dress in layers whether you are hiking in colder weather or warm weather. The layers include a base layer, an insulating layer, and a shell layer. The base layer should be clothing that wicks moisture away from the skin. There are different weights of base layers, you’ll have to choose the weight that is suitable for the conditions you will be hiking in. You will want to avoid cotton materials since it absorbs moisture and makes the clothing wet. Merino wool or some synthetic fabrics are a much better material to use. When choosing socks, wear a thin polyester sock with a wool sock on the outside.
For the insulating layer, you’ll want to wear layers so you can remove a layer if you begin to get warmer. Continue to wear fabrics that are meant to keep you warm while wicking away moisture. Again, merino wool is a good material to wear in this layer for colder weather. If you are hiking in warm weather, you won’t need an insulating layer. You can wear as little as a short sleeve shirt and shorts if you would like. You could also wear long sleeves and long pants made of a lightweight material.
For the shell layer, you’ll want to wear a jacket with a water resistant exterior. You may opt for one that has a fleece interior for added warmth in colder weather. The water resistant exterior will shield you from light to moderate rain, but will soak through in a heavy downfall. You’ll need to invest in a rain jacket and possibly pants for those types of conditions. You could also opt for a windbreaker style jacket for warm and cool weather conditions. In warm conditions, you won’t need a jacket unless you are hiking through an active insect area.

What Else?

You now have your clothing picked out, so what about footwear? Well, you can choose from hiking boots or shoes. Hiking boots are good when you need ankle support and protection from hazards on the trail such as thorns or snakes. Hiking shoes are good when you are hiking on even terrain or if you will do some rock climbing. Get a pair with waterproofing to keep your feet dry also. If you plan on hiking in cold weather, a good insulated hat will prevent you from losing too much body heat through your head. In warmer weather, a cap or brimmed hat can shield your face from the sun. If you will be hiking in cold weather, a good pair of gloves will keep your hands warm also. Look for a pair with an insulating layer and a waterproof shell. So, that covers what to wear for hiking, is there anything else you should wear?
Well, this isn’t really clothing, but you should carry a backpack with you for water storage and other essentials that you will need on the hiking trail. It all depends on the weather conditions and how long your hike is going to be. Above all else, ensure that you are prepared for your hike so you return safely from your adventure.
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