What Is Mountaineering?

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Hiking can take different forms such as backpacking, canyoning, rock climbing, and mountaineering. So, what is mountaineering? It is the sport of mountain climbing, a form of hiking up mountains. The sport began in the 1800s with the creation of the Alpine Club. It has grown a great deal since then, especially for those who have a strong sense of adventure. The mountain grades that climbers scale can be a slight slope to an almost vertical wall. Some mountaineering takes place in snow and icy conditions.



There are several hazards when you are mountaineering. You will be faced with cold weather, possible snow, ice, and blizzards at the higher elevations. You may have to dodge falling rocks, or get caught up in an avalanche. Fortunately, as you ascend the mountain, the occurrence of wildlife is greatly reduced, they tend to stay closer to their food sources. Climbers also face the risk of slipping on the ice and falling into crevasses.



Mountaineers use a variety of gear for mountaineering. They will use snowshoes, ropes and harnesses, as well as the right clothing for the colder temperatures that they will be climbing in. At the base camps they will opt for tents and sleeping bags for shelter and warmth from the wintery conditions that are found on the mountain. Some climbers even opt to digging snow caves for shelter high in the mountains. Usually climbers travel in groups so they can share equipment and take care of each other while they are in the mountains. Some mountaineering groups belong to a mountaineering club to learn about the sport and share their experiences. Now you know the answer to, what is mountaineering?
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