How To Enjoy Hiking

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Indian Cave TrailHiking is a fun activity if you enjoy walking and observing nature. Of course, there is much more to hiking than just walking and looking around. Hiking is an adventure because you never know what you are going to run into. Hiking can also be physically demanding if you are hiking through hilly terrain. But it’s not as dismal as you may think. Because, I am here to tell you how to enjoy hiking.


Be Prepared

That sound easy right? Well, it may not be. But, being prepared will help you enjoy your hike. So, what do I mean by being prepared? I mean are you physically able to walk a mile or two? Can you walk five miles, or ten? You need to know your limits, and don’t push your limits if you want to enjoy hiking. The next part of being prepared, involves your clothing and your hiking gear. No matter how long your trip is, ensure that you have adequate clothing, and the proper hiking gear for your hiking trip.


Choose Your Destination

When choosing your hiking trail, mix it up a little bit. Don’t hike the same trail every time you go out. You’ll begin to get used to the trail and your surroundings, then it gets boring. That is NOT how you enjoy hiking. Instead, try different trails, and maybe try hiking in different states. Hiking is exciting when you explore new areas. When you do explore new areas, ensure that you don’t take on a trail that is beyond your skill level. Keep it simple, this isn’t a job, it’s an adventure.


Hike With Other People

I personally, like to hike alone. But, everyone is not like me. So, how to enjoy hiking with other people? Bring along friends or family members who have the same interest as you. You should also like to spend time with them. You certainly will not enjoy your hike if your hiking mate is impatient or in a hurry to get this over with. It is very enjoyable to share special things with people you enjoy being with. If you see a deer or a unique bird, you have someone with you to share it with. And if its the first time hiking with a friend, you can show them how to enjoy hiking too.


Enjoy Yourself

When you are out on the hiking trail, enjoy yourself. Take it easy and hike slowly, look around at your surroundings. If you speed on through, there may be things that you miss. Some hikers look down at the trail as they hike. If you don’t look up, you may miss something that you haven’t seen in many years or maybe never have. We live in a world full of unique environments and a select few people get to see what’s out there because they enjoy hiking and exploring their environments.



If you have any feedback, questions or experiences about how to enjoy hiking, I would love to hear them. Simply drop a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you.

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