How Many Calories Do You Burn Hiking

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How Many Calories Do You Burn HikingHiking is an enjoyable outdoor activity. You have the opportunity to head out to the outdoors, enjoy what nature has to offer and possibly see some wildlife while on your hiking adventures. Hiking is also a good way to lose weight, whether you hike in your local park or head out on a hiking trail for a few miles. Not to mention it is a good physical activity if you need to get out and exercise regularly. So, you may be wondering, how many calories do you burn hiking?


Body And Pack Weight

Your body weight and the amount of weight in your backpack makes a difference in the number of calories you will burn while hiking. A 160-lb person would burn around 440 calories per hour hiking. Where a 200-lb person may burn around 550 calories per hour hiking. The number of calories you burn will also depend on the amount of weight you are carrying in your backpack. If you are carrying a day pack, which is a light load, you could burn 50 to 100 calories. If you have a heavier load such as a full backpacking pack, you could burn up to 200 calories per hour of hiking in addition to your body weight. That is just a start to how many calories do you burn hiking, but there’s more.


Intensity And Terrain

The amount of calories you burn also depends on the intensity and the terrain of the area you are hiking on. If you hike at a higher intensity, similar to a high intensity workout, you burn more calories. The amount of calories you burn hiking at a high intensity for 45 minutes could be as much as 190 calories. When you hike at a high intensity, your metabolism increases. Experts say that you could continue burning calories 14 to 18 hours later. When you are out on your hike, the terrain will make a difference. The amount of calories you burn cannot be measured since terrain is so much different from place to place. So, naturally the more energy you use due to the terrain, the more calories you will burn. Sounds great, don’t it? So, now you know how many calories do you burn hiking.



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