Learn About The Best Hiking Trails In America

You are ready to hit the trail and do some hiking. You’ve assembled your hiking gear and you have all the basics to head out and hike a few miles or maybe several miles. You have prepared yourself physically and you are just itching to get out there and see some awesome places. Now, the only problem is, where do I go?

Map of Superior Hiking Trail

Superior Hiking Trail

One possible destination is the Superior Hiking Trail located along the north shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. The length of this trail is 296 miles and there are several state parks located along the route. The trail begins in Duluth and it travels along the north shore up to the Canadian border. For more information about the trail you may visit the Superior Hiking Trail Association. They can provide you with maps and additional information about the trail and the trail conditions.


Bright Angel Trail

Another possible destination is the Bright Angel Trail located in the Grand Canyon National Park. This trail is located along the south rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The length of the trail is about 9.5 miles long. The trail begins at the Grand Canyon Village descending from an elevation of 6860 feet to 2480 feet where it ends at the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon National Park maintains the trail and they are a good source of information about the trail and the trail conditions.


More Hiking Trails

We are working on obtaining information about hiking trails throughout the United States. There are thousands of trails that exist in national parks and forests, as well as state parks and forests. There are also trails that are maintained by local cities and counties as well as independent associations. It is impossible for us to name all the hiking trails that exist, but we will provide you with information about the best ones that we are able to obtain information about.

If you have any feedback, questions or experiences related to hiking trails, I would love to hear them. Simply drop a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you.

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