Happy New Year

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  We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!! We hope the new year brings you enjoyment through new experiences and you’ll visit new destinations that will wow you!! We will continue to provide you with valuable information … Continued

Hiking Tools

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  There are a lot of products available for hikers which can make you feel lost in the woods. So, what hiking tools do you really need?? After doing some research on the subject, we’ve come up with a list … Continued

What is Hiking?

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  What is hiking? It is the activity of taking a long walk, usually in uninhabited areas such as a park, wilderness, a mountain range, or even in a wildlife refuge. When a person does go hiking, they typically return … Continued

Backpacking Gear Checklist

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When you go backpacking, you’ll need to have backpacking gear.The most essential items you’ll need include a tent, sleeping bag, flashlight, water bottles, a sleeping pad, a multi-tool or knife, and of course a backpack to carry all these items. … Continued