Golden Eagle Outdoors was established in Fargo, ND, in 2007 as an online store selling outdoor gear. We mainly focused on hiking, fishing and hunting gear. After two years the online store was closed. The website was then converted into a blog for hiking, fishing, and hunting gear. In 2011, Golden Eagle Outdoors moved to Hawley, MN. During the period 2009 through 2013, the blog focused on information related to the outdoors. In 2014, the blog was redesigned and the focus was changed to providing hiking information for the various types of hiking available.


Golden Eagle Outdoors is committed to providing you information about the various types of hiking and to help you answer your questions about hiking. We will be providing information about where to go hiking, and where to find hiking trails. We will also be providing tips and information for beginners as well as providing you with unbiased reviews of selected hiking gear and equipment that you can use while on your hiking adventures.



Glenn Christensen

I am Glenn Christensen, and I am the owner and founder of Golden Eagle Outdoors.Glenn Christensen
I have been interested in hiking for many years and I typically travel to go on hiking trips in northern Minnesota. I am an objective hiker, which means that I am a hiker with a purpose. While on my hiking trips, I have my camera in hand ready to take photos of anything interesting that I come across (usually wildlife).


It is often difficult to find the information you need when you need it. If you search on the internet, you may not find what you need. Outdoor magazines provide general information, but its usually not very specific and not very helpful to the beginning hiker. My objective of this website is to be the source of information for people who will find it useful and who will benefit from it. So, whether you are a beginner or more advanced, the information found on these pages will be beneficial for you, no matter what type of hiking you do.


The state of Minnesota as well as many other states has many opportunities for hikers with the ample lake country, state parks and forests and national parks and forests. Minnesota is also home to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge, and the Superior Hiking Trail which is a destination for many hikers due to the fascinating country that exists there.


I welcome your questions, comments and suggestions about this website and anything else related to hiking. If you have something to share with me, you are welcome to Contact Us.


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