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You may be interested in doing some day hiking or going out hiking for the weekend. Even if you are just beginning hiking or are more advanced, our main focus is to provide you with quality hiking information. We will help you find information about where to go hiking, how to choose your hiking gear, how to prepare for your hiking trip, how to get started hiking, and much more. Golden Eagle Outdoors is here to help you when you’re getting ready to head out on your next hiking adventure.


Golden Eagle Outdoors is not just for hikers, we are also focused on providing you quality backpacking information for those of you whose hiking trip includes a night or two on the trail. You will find information about how to prepare for backpacking physically, what to do if you experience an emergency situation, and what to do if you get lost in the woods. We will also help you choose the best hiking gear that you will need for your hiking adventures. We will also be providing unbiased reviews of hiking gear that you can buy now. We are constantly adding more information, so check back often for the latest updates.


Don’t forget to visit our Blog regularly for more hiking information, and to find unbiased reviews of hiking gear that you will need before heading into the outdoors. We want to hear from you!! You are welcome to start a discussion or make a comment at the bottom of any page. If you prefer to send us a message, make a comment, or submit additional information about hiking, you may Contact Us here.


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